About us

About us

Welcome to Regal Healthcare Ltd.

Regal Healthcare Ltd. is one of the fastest growing company in pharmaceutical sector with Neuro, Neuro Psychiatric and general products. We have been marketing since 2001 in india. Presently we are marketing in various states in India. Also manufacturing these products in our manufacturing Plant at Sikkim. We have our professionals, trained and experienced marketing team to ensure the availability of medicine in every corner of the country.

Regal Infratrading Pvt. Ltd

Regal Infratrading Pvt. Ltd. is a leading construction company in India, with uncountable years of knowledge and proficiencies in the implementation of different architecture projects. The company has a lot of experience in completion of various government and private infra Projects.

Regal Palace Pvt. Ltd

The Regal Palace Pvt. Ltd. handles many hotels and resort in the upmarket yet worthy for money or semi-luxury section under the umbrella brand of ‘Regal Group of Companies’ along with different sub-brands like. The Regal Palace Pvt. Ltd. is currently on an enlargement ogre with another hotel coming up in the picturesque region of various parts of the country, capture in portion and facilitating your travel, tourism & hospitality, forex and gastronomically (food) needs of the typical connoisseur whether they in the segments of business, leisure, religious or corporate”.

Regal Pharmaceuticals

Regal Pharmaceuticals is a marketing house in Vadodra, India. Neuro psychiatric care products of the company are available in the oral solids and oral liquids. The company’s products are known for their consistent Quality and social encouragement. We are manoeuvring throughout the country, for all type of Neuro psychiatric care solutions and served huge number of Social Organizations, Medical College and Hospital, Nursing Home & Diagnostic Centres. The Regal Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd has own marketing team to ensure that the availability of medicine in every corner of the country.

We Care for You

Cardiac Care

All Cardiac Medicine of Regal Healthcare Ltd. are top and well formulated.

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Diabetic Care

Regal Healthcare Ltd is manufacturing the best oral solids and oral liquids medicine.

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Neuro & Neuro Psychiatric Care

We are manufacturing the top class Neuro and Neuro Psychiatric medicine.

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